How much will this cost?


There are many factors that go into cost including; size of tree, type of tree, length of time, location of the tree, weather and any hazards that could harm myself, employees, or any surrounding structures and  Will clean up be a factor.



What if my power lines run near the tree?


I have this question quite often. I can only answer this at the time of an estimate. In some cases, we can work around the power lines and another times we may need to schedule with PGE to drop the lines.

Are you lisenced and bonded?



  • License   

  • Bonded

  • Insured (Commercial & Residential)

  • CCB# 205889



Can I keep the wood?
Can you cut it into fire wood?
Will you take the wood?


The answer is YES to all.


If you would like to do your own clean up to save you some out of pocket expense that is not a problem.

I have no problem making fire rounds and stacking them on your property.

I can also dispose of the wood and all debris left after falling tree for an additional fee.




I Live in Portland, do I need a Permit?

More than likely YES.

Please visit the Site below


type your address

click Zoning & Permitting

If your in ANY of these zones you will need a permit.


Overlay Zones: c, g, h, i, n, p, q, r, s, v

Plan Districts:

  • Cascade Station/Portland International Center Plan District

  • Columbia South Shore Plan District

  • Johnson Creek Basin Plan District

  • Portland International Airport Plan District

  • Rocky Butte Plan District

  • South Auditorium Plan District


Can the contractor attain the permit?
What all is required for permitting?

Yes I can attain the permit Or you may attain it.

However, I prefer to make it a effortless experience for my clients.

A site evaluation is needed to submit a permit.

  • Pictures of trees wanting/needing to be removed or pruned

  • marking the trees for the city

  • the clients signature on the permit & contract

  • a $35 processing fee (made payable to the City of Portland)

  • a replant plan for the city (there is a Tree FOR Tree removal/Replant requirement)


The list of native trees the City of Portland Recommends for replant:

Latin Name                                      Common Name

  • Acer macrophyllum                                   Bigleaf Maple

  • Alnus rubra                                             Red Alder

  • Pseudotsuga menziesii                              Douglas Fir

  • Thuja plicata                                           Western Red Cedar

  • Tsuga heterophylla                                   Western Hemlock

  • Abies grandis                                          Grand Fir

  • Cornus nuttallii                                        Western Flowering Dogwood

  • Frangula purshiana                                   Cascara, chitum

  • Fraxinus latifolia                                      Oregon Ash

  • Populus trichocarpa                                  Black Cottonwood

  • Prunus emarginata                                   Bitter Cherry

  • Salix scouleriana                                      Scouler Willow  

  • Taxus brevifolia                                        Pacific Yew

  • Arbutus menziesii                                     Madrone

  • Crataegus gaylussacia                                Suksdorf’s hawthorn

  • Pinus ponderosa var. benthamiana                Willamette Valley ponderosa pine

  • Quercus garryana                                      Oregon White Oak


List of Nuisance trees the City of Portland DOES NOT recommend for replant:

However, Please keep in mind I prefer to keep this a positive experience and have NO problem taking care of permitting for my clients.

About Us:


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  • Licensed

  • Bonded

  • Insured


   CCB #: 205889               






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