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How much will this cost?


There are many factors that go into cost including; size of tree, type of tree, length of time, location of the tree, weather and any hazards that could harm myself, employees, or any surrounding structures and  Will clean up be a factor.



What if my power lines run near the tree?


I have this question quite often. I can only answer this at the time of an estimate. In some cases, we can work around the power lines and another times we may need to schedule with PGE to drop the lines.

Are you licensed and bonded?



  • License   

  • Bonded

  • Insured (Commercial & Residential)

  • CCB# 205889



Can I keep the wood?
Can you cut it into fire wood?
Will you take the wood?


The answer is YES to all.


If you would like to do your own clean up to save you some out of pocket expense that is not a problem.

I have no problem making fire rounds and stacking them on your property.

I can also dispose of the wood and all debris left after falling tree for an additional fee.



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